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February 3rd 2019 - Institutional Positions & Supply and Demand for the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of December 24th, 2018!

Well, look what we have here! Finally we received the first batch of #CFTC #CoT data for us to look through. The way they are deciding to release this info to us is actually keeping us back a few steps back, but once again, this doesn’t bother us in the least. We have been very confident in our analysis of their positions and what they had planned right into the holidays and so far what we believed would happen, has. Now we are expected to receive one week’s data every Friday and Tuesday until we are caught up with the current data. This past release is a continuation of where we left off last which includes data for December 24th. This set of data was important to us because it acted as validation to what the institutions were using the contract expiration for. As we have talked about in previous reports, contract expirations are typically used by the instructions as a means to shift their positions dramatically and this report was no exception.

After thinking about how we are going to focus on the upcoming data releases, I have decided to continue with releasing an Araujo Report every weekend to incorporate the Tuesday and Friday data releases. I’ll also be posting the latest data on Twitter as I have always been doing. Hopefully the government stays open as last I heard the bill that was signed was only for having the shutdown halted for 3 weeks. So we will see what takes place, at least it seems we will be caught up before any shut down will resume.

Last month the trade signals that were on watch produced over +8% return with 3% placed at risk. The drawdowns were very minimal during the trades duration and the played out very well. It was too bad I never took the $gbpcad long signal due to #BREXIT, as it worked out very well. Keep focused on these signals as I will be posting every signal I see become valid and detail the risks involved. Great learning experience!

Here's the Video Analysis!

Magic Trader!



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