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Family support!

Last week we had a scare for our family. When things are going well we are blessed but when something happens that changes the family dynamic in a negative way, then you begin to realize just how blessed you were. As most of you know, I had planned a family vacation to warmer climates for the next three weeks but I have since cancelled my plans. The reason is my wife became ill, a combination of a lack of sleep from waking up and breast feeding our little girl and over working and stressing. It all came crashing down on our family. So I made the decision to bring her to the best hospital I know, in the city, next to where here family lives. I stayed with her last week and then came back to the country with my girls so that they could get back into their routines. My wife is on the road to recovery and doing well, getting lots of rest and being looked after.

With all this going on I was reminded of how important a good family structure is. Looking after one another is so important. Making sure that the life balance is maintained. I admit I have worked too hard at times on trading related work and in doing so left my wife with more work than she could handle. It’s only evident to me now that this is what was happening. With this understanding I am going to be reworking my schedule a little differently so that when she comes home to us I can help her more with home related duties. This comes very well timed with the new rules I have posted HERE about students questions and when they will be addressed. This is in an effort to have my time used more efficiently and so I can get the most amount of work done in the least amount of time. You help and support will be much appreciated.

With this said, I want to thank you all for your kind emails of concern. Your prayers have been heard and I am truly thankful for it.

Kevin Araujo

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Wish her speedy recovery. You take care yourself too and not overwork yourself.

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