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"Even if you don t speak English very well like me, you could easily understand Kevin"

Over a month ago one of our Twitter followers retweeted one of our tweets and won a free months tuition paid by us to be a student at White Oak Trading University. The only thing we wanted in return was an honest testimonial of his experience and what he thought about the education we provided to him.

His name on twitter is @CarlFoxi and this is his testimonial:


What will you find in Whiteoakfx ? All you need to start as a young trader or to improve your supply and demand knowledge ! You want to know more about supply and demand ! This place is for you ! You will teach the real supply and demand technical ! You are a beginner or don t know what is supply and demand but want to learn a no stress trading method! This place is also for you ! All is well explaining. Even if you are a beginner trader. There s a lot of well explain videos! A great forum 2 classes Lives per week, where you can discuss with Kevin. A great CFTC COT analysis. Even if you don t speak english very well like me, you could easily understand Kevin ! Kevin is definitely a great teacher and this the best website to learn Supply and demand and how the market work ! "


Thank you Carl for living up to your end of the bargain. We offered you a month at our school on us and we only asked for an honest testimonial from you and we are so happy you have not only provided one to us but it was an extremely positive one. We are very happy you had a good experience with us and we wish you the very best on your trading journey!

Thanks again!




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