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Congrats to the new level two students!

As I am sitting at my desk and processing my thoughts, I begin to think about this coming week and the classes we will be starting back up again. I think back about the amazing progress we’ve all made in our studies of the markets and all the incredible insight we gained from the work we’ve accomplished. For level one students, your focus has been on the fundamental elements of supply/demand analysis and for level two students we have delved deeper into trends and specific zones types. Level two students have a much better grasp of what the markets tell us when they are trending and when they are not because of what we do in our classroom sessions. We are always examining what price usually does when certain structures are in place and when they are not, so over time the student begins to understand what we can expect from live markets. This is so essential to understand because, for example, in level on the student cannot fully grasp the dangers of trading a market that is ranging and it might be difficult to understand why at times we have to wait for price to play out but once they graduate to level two, this all becomes very apparent.

This week we will also begin level two classroom sessions and we’ll have some new students joining us who have graduated from level one. Those that have graduated, it’s essential you study the video lessons provided in level two of the library before you begin your class, otherwise you will have a difficult time understanding what we are looking at. Current level two students, you have been doing a great job on your comprehension of the concepts taught and many of you are almost set to enter level three where our focus will be on the force of price and how it relates to the multiple timeframes. We’ll also be examining the live markets to locate trading signals and then examining the signals that worked or not to learn the valuable lessons they have to offer.

The school continues to grow at a great pace despite the lack of advertising we do. Most of our new students come from word of mouth and from watching our analysis over the years. We are humbled by the growth we’ve experienced and continue to work hard behind the scenes to bring you the very best in trading education! Welcome all new students, we look forward to seeing you in class this week! ;)

Magic Trader!



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