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Captain Fantastic!

Staying on with the theme from last week’s report, I watched a movie a few years ago that stuck with me like glue. It’s called “Captain Fantastic” and it’s about a family that lives off the grid in the middle of the woods. What’s important about this movie, to me, is not about them living away from the city and country, not about the extreme behaviour they display throughout the film BUT the fact that this family is not burdened by society and all of the things that come with being a part of the fads, trends and what is considered to be the norm. The father, who lives with the children alone, raises his kids to be strong, self-reliant and extremely intelligent. How he manages this is by enforcing what is important in life. They read great books and discuss what they learned and how it made them feel. He encourages everyone to speak their mind and he treats everyone in the family as an equal.

The film has so much goodness in it that it really encouraged me to incorporate some of what he did with his family. What is really amazing to see if the kid’s reaction when they went into the city and witnessed what everyone looked like, what they did and how they acted. They were in total shock and these are the things we never think about when we are actually living our own lives. We don’t stop and look at ourselves enough to determine if we are doing what we really should be doing. If we really look at our lives through the lens of someone else’s perspective we can be sure to learn a lot about ourselves.

I would encourage you to watch this film and see how it makes you feel. Maybe there is something you will get out of it!

Kevin Araujo


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