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🪓Breaking Free From Vanguard

Recently I read an article about a Billionaire who owns a company that finds and produces oil and natural gas. This billionaire now wants to turn his company private after being on the market for years. Why is that you say? Because he doesn't want to be controlled by the investors who own the other portion of his company.

Who are those investors, you got it.... Vanguard and Blackrock.

In one statement he says....

“We have determined that the opportunity today is with private companies who have the freedom to operate and aren’t limited by public markets,”

We've been reading a lot these days about how the governments reducing oil output, cancelling oil pipeline contracts and playing a role in increasing the inflation we are all experiencing. It seems very reasonable to suspect that Blackrock and Vanguard are playing a role in limiting the production of energy this company is producing and this owner has had enough which is why he wants to take the company private and buy the shares held by these other investors.

I thought this article was very revealing if you knew how to take it apart to understand the story underneath it. What do you think? High plausible?

Read the article below. I highlighted the key points of interest to me.



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