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Becoming the Sherlock Holmes of the financial markets!

In this endeavour to become successful and consistently profitable traders you must realize that there is more to trading that just plotting zones and trend lines on the charts. Just as in any Sherlock Holmes mystery novel, when Sherlock enters a room, the room is more than just filled with furniture and objects. The room is filled with potential evidence that can lead you to discover the truth that is so desperately trying to remain hidden.

The key is to know what you need to be looking for because as in the mystery novel, many people can be standing within the same room but only a trained and skilled detective will discover evidence, ponder his/her discovery and investigate the evidence or any leads they find during their investigation. Only the person trained in this art will have the truth revealed to them and we can’t stress enough the realities of the markets work exactly the same way. There are truths being hidden within the charts, truths hidden with the #CFTC data and these truths so desperately want to be kept hidden by the institutions. They go to great lengths to conceal their movements and agenda’s. It is our job to become the Sherlock Holmes of the markets if we want a chance to succeed in trading alongside the market movers and more importantly to remain consistent with our results over the long term.

Kevin Araujo


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