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Be a good student!

Welcome all new students! We had a good bunch of new students join our school this past week and I encourage you and everyone else to spend some time getting to know the different areas around the school site. One of the most important features of the site is the school calendar. This is where you find everything that is going on in the school. From new lessons, the classes we put on live, the chart study sessions, the release of reports and video analysis and many other things. There is no excuse to miss anything that is taking place if you simply review the calendar and see the posts that are there.

You might have noticed that we have made it easier to locate specific lessons within each module. This will be great for easy reference when working on your journal notes. We will continue to make things easier in the weeks to come. We are also working on some new material for students that are unsure of the process they should follow here at the school. We've spoken about it here and made mention of it many times in the sessions we've made available to students in the library.

Many great things are underway at the school to make the students experience the best we can make it. We understand the struggle of learning this new perspective on the markets and we are here to help guide you through every step of the way. All we ask is for good students. Yes this is a virtual school and we don’t see each other face to face but we expect for those that are here, to learn, that they put in a real effort to do the work required and the studying required. We only have so many hours in the day and we want to be focused on working towards making the school better and bigger. So if you are new to the school, we encourage you to study the video lessons in the library, journal them, attend the classes and watch the classroom sessions in our archives and make sure you are putting in the effort you need to put in. We are here to help you but we are not here to answer questions that have already been answered in our video lesson library simply from a lack of effort.

Get to work; take this serious, otherwise you’ll be wasting away a precious education that could literally change your life forever!

Kevin Araujo


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