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Banks versus retail traders!

We’ve been seeing a lot of news lately regarding a battle between hedge funds and retail traders and to be honest it brought a smile to my face. Knowing that retail traders were winning a major battle against investments firms made me think about how major banks have been pulling fast ones on your average trader for years. You know I have always been fascinated with this market and how the institutions manage to lure traders into bad positions and finally I am reading articles about how the retail traders pulled on over on the big players.

Seems like the hedge funds had a hand in reducing their loses when some

of the brokers

stopped allowing traders to buy GME stock which allowed the banks to close their positions which is just another story to show just how these markets work. Only the BIG players are allowed to make money and the small guys are only allowed to lose.

This is one of the reasons why I love currency trading so much, they can’t pull fast ones on us as easily and their cards are always being shown to us so we always have a massive advantage when we trade. PLUS you’ve seen how easily price can move in 1000 pip increments and so this can be massive when getting in and out and the right times. Our #GBPUSD long trade signal for instance with an investment of 100k at the buying zone and exiting now would give you a profit of $13,600. A one million dollar position profiting $136,000! That is a massive profit and is a lot more than the vast majority of people make in a year and all without speculating massively on the increase like many did with GME. The currency market is relatively safe, volatile and predictable and all these make a very good looking portfolio.

Kevin Araujo



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