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🏦 Bank 🪄 Trickery is taking place!

Did we just get another massive bear trap the other day? Yes I think so. On Wednesday October 12th the WSJ came out and declared that the Nasdaq entered into a bear market and then what took place on the 13th? The very next day we had CPI numbers once out positive which was favourably for the USD and so traders piled in and bought the #Dollar. What did we warn?

That’s right we warned that the dollar strength would not last. How did we know?

What happened with the Nasdaq you might be asking? Well it was a major drop, you know just as the Nasdaq was “entering into a bear market” and then after a significant drop the banks came into and started buying it all up causing a significant rally to previous levels and then surpassing those levels even further.

Are we seeing clearly what is happening here over and over again? Are we seeing the patterns of how the banks and media continue to lure retail traders into doing the wrong thing while making it look like their analysis is sound!?

This has got to go down in the history books as one of the greatest manipulations of all time. The thing is most have not a clue that they are being manipulated.

We are so lucky that the markets are so predictable. My portfolio is at all-time record highs because of the knowledge we continue to gain each and every week. Our future is bright no matter what the world financial markets throw our way.

There is no better time than now to be trading the markets profitably. With costs of living continuing to rise it will become harder and harder to save your money or just stay afloat as the bankers devalue our money and reduce our savings right before our eyes.

We need to protect our capital, we need to protect our assets and the value we have accumulated throughout the years otherwise it will all be taken away from us slowly but surely. Trading allows us to do this incredibly well. As we move towards the end of the year we will continue to build our portfolios positive as most investor’s accounts see more red.

There is only so much we can do here at the school. We can only reach so many people at a time. If you know someone how is an investor, or a trader or just someone who manages their own money, let them know about us so we can try to save them from what is coming.

Kevin Araujo



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