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$audnzd rockets are about to launch!

Back in April, I alerted members of the community that the $audnzd was going to be heading north and I had targets of 1.0687 ☑️ (been hit) 1.0961 ☑️ (been hit) and the final target is 1.1352 (on it's way). Now how did i know this was going to play out this way?

When analyzing the $nzdusd I could see that the banks where using a higher timeframe supply area that they created to cause price to drop much lower in the charts and with no substantial demand to cause price to bounce from, I knew that weakness was on the boards.

As for the $audusd, monthly tested demand was in the way of a larger move down, so knowing this, it was possible to expect the $audnzd to gain strength and move up on the charts.

If you want to learn how to analyze charts with incredible accuracy, join the community @!

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