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🔎📉 Are the Markets Bearish? 🐻

Back in late May when price on the #SP500 was as you see it below, the media was telling us that the markets were just tip toeing into a bearish market but we were not in a bearish market.

These were some of the headlines that were put out there.

Then we had the $SP500 rally upwards with investors thinking a big rally was coming.

and we had more media coming out saying the markets were bullish...

Price did rally indeed but it rallied right into an 🏦🔴 institutional selling area where the banks came in and pushed price lower having many investors caught off guard.

NOW The headlines are very bearish...

🎩 I have warned our members that the $SP500 is sitting inside an 🏦🟢Institutional buying area at this time. Does this mean that the media bearish hype is to lure traders into shorting when they are about to rally price up?

We'll find out soon, so beware!



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