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‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ –Albert Einstein

I quoted the incredible Albert Einstein in this week’s report because what he says is so darn true. Anyone can know, anyone can come to the school and watch the video lessons and know what was said. But it’s an entirely different thing to actually understand what is in the lessons. This week we are beginning a new chapter for White Oak Trading University. We are starting new classes that will span the summer. I have spaced out each Levels session every two weeks. I have done this for numerous purposes, one being that I want every student to take their time absorbing the information we share in each session. Another reason is because we have amassed a huge library of past classroom sessions that are a wealth of information just sitting waiting to be explored an I would encourage you to spend some time reviewing them and journaling what is being discussed. Thirdly, it is the SUMMER and most of us have been cooped up inside our homes and as the lockdowns lift I think it’s important to make some time to go out, enjoy your lives and spend time reflecting on where you are in life and where you’ve come from.

We have come a long way since the start of the school and we are growing every day with new students eager to begin their studies with us. So again, I encourage you to review our library if you are in level one and learn from what we’ve already done. There are so many hidden gems within these sessions. Do this if you are inclined to work harder this summer that you ever have before. J

I’ll see you all in class!

Kevin Araujo


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