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Always emanating positive energy through his wisdom!


One of the lucky winner of a FREE month tuition here at the school was Lijo and this is what he had to say after being a student for one month.

Lijo writes:

I learned about forex so randomly back in 2008. from then i'm acquiring the knowledge through internet about trading until today. in the beginning i start from mistakes like everybody,but i did not give up because of my passion for trading.
I have seen so many mentors and forex guru's through these years and lately in 2016 started following Kevin's twitter account/youtube video lessons and honestly these is the guy who was able to give me real explanations for whats really taking place in the market. why market is not moving randomly and of course the great tool CFTC report. Most importantly how to interpret COT data accurately to get the outlook of market. I'm sure this guy worked so hard to study a lot about supply and demand and how price reacts to those important levels. unlike other mentors he offer us to learn what he discovered through this process which i consider treasures of Market. you can realize how much this guy enjoy talking about forex and share his accumulated knowledge when we attend his class/video lessons and that's why i love to call him as Master. My trading has improved a lot because of kevin and i truly recommend his classes to any trader i know personally. you can see a lot mentors in internet but being a student of kevin will make you an successful trader eventually because he always love to see good in others. Always emanating positive energy through his wisdom. i consider myself lucky to meet him and wishing best of luck


Thanks Lijo. It was a pleasure having you with us, even if it was for a short time. Maybe you'll decide to make your relationship with us a long lasting one. Whatever you decide, we wish you the very best and thank you for the great feedback!


Kevin Araujo



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