One of the greatest way to teach, in my opinion, is to visibly watch instruction on your screen. It's like being right there with you showing you step by step how the analysis is done. Then you get the ability to ask any questions you have so that they can be answered for you and allow you to fully understand what is taking place. Webinars are used to teach and interact with members of the service. There are done almost every weekend, usually on Sundays and they are done at different times to allow all the members from around the world to take part. Webinars are always recorded for future viewing.

Here are some of the webinars that have been done and recorded in order to teach the concepts you'll need to understand to be able to understand how the institutions trade and give you that edge in your trading that will make you a consistent winner.

What to expect from Magic Trader Mentorship

How the markets really work!

Institutional Supply and Demand zones – Part one

Institutional Supply and Demand zones – Part two

The Art of the Trend Line

Trend Lines and Trends

The Force of Price

The Force of Price – Multiple Forces

Risk Management - A new way to look at risk

The webinars will also consist of "week in review" sessions where we will go through what took place in the markets the week that has just past and determine what the banks were doing with price. It is by going through past price action that we are able to learn and get a deeper understanding of what is taking place in the markets by taking the concepts taught within the video lessons and applying them to the real world scenarios to show you how we can accurately determine what price action will look like in the following week. We also will discuss potential trade setups that follow the direction the banks want to take price in.

Knowledge is power but correct knowledge is unlimited power!

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