The proprietary trading strategy used with the FOREX managed account and trade copying services is based on an advanced understanding of market dynamics. Utilizing Institutional supply and demand located in the markets, combined with a proprietary system of reading the CFTC CoT report, (which is a weekly report provided by the CFTC that displays the open positions held by the largest market speculators), the system determines where the markets movers are getting in and out of the markets and enters alongside them to profit as they do.

The trading system used allows for precise entries into the markets that exposes capital to very little downside. Risk is always kept to minimal levels with only 1% or less of capital being placed at risk with every position opened. With every position that is opened, there is always a "bullerproof" target that is very close to our entry price, that when hit, makes the entire position risk free. This allows for additional positions to be opened on the same asset without exposing capital to additional risk.

The strategy will only open positions when the markets provide an institutional trade signal, which are zones that are determined to be high probability areas to enter the market. Positions are accompanied by a stop loss so that if an institutional zone is breached, the positions are closed for a minimal loss.

The aim for the trading system are conservative returns of 2% - 3% per month while keeping draw downs below 5% which will only occur if the system experiences 5 losing trades at the same time. The system is completely manual, no portion of the system relies on anything automated. The system will open additional positions on the same asset if there are clear indications that price is following the outline of the analysis and additional positions will never be opened on losing trades.

The system only trades the most liquid currency pairs along with Gold and Oil.

Key points regarding the strategy:

No adding to losers

Trades are in the direction of institutional money

No bitcoin or exotic pairs

No large draw downs

Every trade is carefully planned out with entries, targets and stop loses

Capital is always protected with "bulletproof" targets

No automated systems making trading decisions

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