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You can be taught, but you must be able to learn!

At the very core of how we apply ourselves to the learning process here at the University is the journal. When beginning your learning at the school your first order of business is to invest in a leather bound journal. Does it have to be leather? No, but it helps to make it something nice that you will look at and appreciate. Once you have your journal, spend some time reviewing the lessons in level one and write what it is that is being taught within these lessons into your journal. Afterwards, review the classroom sessions that we performed based on the lessons in level one and focus on journaling what we discuss, what we observe, the nuances that we take into consideration when analyzing the charts. Make titles for your observation so you can quickly reference them when you need it in the future. Once you have observed a few classroom sessions on your own and have taken your notes, watch the sessions again and see what it is that you learn on your second viewing. There are so many nuggets of good information in these sessions that you are sure to get more out of a second viewing.

After a couple viewings of each classroom session you should be ready to go out on your own and start applying what you've been taught in the classroom sessions to the charts. It is in this process, when you are alone with the charts, your journal is open to reference the material you have absorbed into your mind through the process of writing them in your journal with your own hand, it is this process where you will begin to learn how to draw the institutional zones, how to draw the trend lines and how price moves along the charts in response to the drawings you are making on your charts.

The main thing you have to understand here is that for you to learn how to do the proper analysis you have to routinely participate in the act of doing analysis on your charts, journaling what you are doing and keeping track of what you are discovering. In the forum there is an Analysis section where you can create a New Post and title it for example: $eurusd daily chart analysis and start with a clean daily chart of the $eurusd and begin your analysis of the zones and trend lines. Post your charts within the forum and we will take a look at it in a future classroom session. When we review it we will provide you feedback on the analysis and you can then review the sessions afterwards and take note of the feedback in your journal. Describe what you did right, what you did wrong, why you got it wrong, was there something specific you saw on the charts that threw you off the correct analysis, what was it and how can you avoid it next time. There might even be new questions you have, write everything you can down because at the end of the day what you write down you remember! You are now on your way to learning!

Kevin Araujo


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