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Winning the battle over our minds!

It’s 2022, the beginning of a new year is upon us and with that we have new objectives to reach. The year so far has started off a little slow for me as I’ve not been feeling well for the last 5 days straight. Nothing to worry about, just a process I have to make myself through. I know the end result of this ordeal of mine so there is no need for me to worry myself of anything. No tests I need to do, no report I need to give to anyone. As I have shared with this community in the past, one of my passions to investigate by any means necessary in order for me to learn as much as I can about my health, the world we live in and our history.

What I know to be true is that the more I learn the more I am able to protect myself from the dangers of not being properly informed. How pertinent is that to what we do here? Massively I’d say because we are trying to avoid the many traps set by the institutions that would cost us money to be lost from our investments. Do you think the financial market is the only place the super wealthy are setting traps? I don’t think so.

Being informed on health and the bodies proper functions and abilities has allowed me to steer free of the trappings I used to once fall prey to and I can tell you that I have paid a significant price on my health because of being properly education in the matter. Now I am able to calmly experience health issues with myself and my family without doing unnecessary harm in the process and unsurprisingly the end result has so far been very positive.

Like getting into a trade and knowing that there will be ups and downs until the trade idea works out but being able to remain calm during the process is the key to not ruining the trade in the meantime. The real work is done BEFORE the situation is in play, not during.

If you want to get a vastly different perspective on health then what has been conventional understood, I would recommend you listen to some of the lectures from Dr. Herbert Sheldon. Ignore the character assignations of him and just remember, judge a persons character and value based on their fruits and not on what others say about them and what you will find is that what he has to say about health is a game changer. Apply the teaching to your life and see the results for yourself.

Kevin Araujo


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