When you find truth, you know it and you have no other experience but Joy!


Jason writes:

Hello Kevin,
I always look forward to the classes and as usual today was full of gems. Knowing when to ignore the larger 50% candles and how to incorporate the smaller hidden ones. It's remarkable how one carefully drawn trend line and the break of it could lead you on a path to where price, days after, would react so beautifully that it makes you want to jump for joy. Your brief intro into forces really captured my attention because I am a Civil Engineer and I can fully relate since I know how critical it is to do force analysis. In all my life I have never been so satisfied and happy about money spent on education. It's a joy to be in the classroom and to complete and submit the homework. So excited for the next set of classes and I am glad I always have homework..lol.
I can't begin to thank you enough Kevin for sharing this wealth of information with me.
Best regards,


WOW Jason, what a testimonial. Your insights relating forces to your profession is very insightful. I have found many relations between the markets and other forms of study. This is why the markets are so remarkable because there is a connection between life and how the markets operate.

Do you mind if I use your amazing testimony on the school site?

Thanks very much!


Jason responds:

Yes, of course you can. Feel free Kevin I don't mind at all. When you find truth, you know it and you have no other experience but Joy and that is exactly my experience at White Oak.
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