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What is happening in the markets with Coronavirus?

There's been a lot of news about the #coronavirus lately and I'm sure we've all heard the name or read it at least a hundred times these days. Whether the virus is man made and was used to push the world into a specific agenda or it's just one of the those viruses that no one knows where it came from but it's here and we have to deal with it, I don't know if anyone knows the true story but the fact is that it's here and we at citizens have to deal with it.

I've read a lot about the virus and it's effects on the markets and the overwhelming feeling I get when I read these articles is that the markets are reacting to the crisis. Now, something i always teach to our students here at White Oak U is that when you study the markets very deeply and know what to look for, you'll begin to notice that the markets always have a destination and when i say markets i am speaking of #Gold, #Oil and the #currency markets. I'm sure the others do as well, especially other commodities but i haven't study those and so I wouldn't be able to speak on that with much credibility but the markets I've listed above, I can tell you that if you study these long enough you'll come to realize that price moves in somewhat predictable ways.

Take gold for instance, for many months now we've been analyzing gold and our analysis had predicted a fall in price after mid 1600's were contacted. Now when you read the news there are explanations abound that explain the reason why gold is falling and it's mostly linked to the #coronavirus outbreak and this would make sense to some degree, at least the news always tries to put a spin on it so that it makes sense, but the truth is, we knew the area where price was going to drop before anyone ever heard of the name Coronavirus!

So how is this possible? We've detailed our analysis numerous times with our students and members of our school and it all comes down to understanding the way the institutions move the markets. When you come to realize the structured ways price moves you can then get to a point where you can predict the next move. Sound impossible right? Well it's not and our analysis proves this point!

I hope you come to understand that the fear that's placed into society and especially in regards to the markets is used to establish confusion and when you're confused you'll make bad investment decisions. Stay focused on what the realities of the markets are and you'll do fine!

Stay well and healthy out there fellow traders!

Kevin Araujo



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