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What does trading mean to you!?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Ask yourself that question... What does trading mean to you? I know what it means to me. It means a different lifestyle from what I would have if i had to work for someone else. It means spending my time with my family every day, even though I must go to my home office throughout the day, I am with my family. My children are not at day care, they are at home with my wife, my family is with me every single day. Why do i have it like this, because family is everything and if you have the opportunity to have a lifestyle where you can be with your family every day, wouldn't you want to make that a possibility. Well you can, but it'll take hard work!

Trading shouldn't lead to fast cars and loose woman, it should lead to a lifestyle where you can focus on your family. Bringing up your children in a safe environment where you can teach them everything they will need to know to grow up to be strong and capable people in the world. That is your job, if you decide to have a family, your job is to bring you kids a life that was better than what you had, but how can you do this if you are hardly around?

Trading takes a lot of hard work, I know from experience, but it pays itself off. You just need to put in the dedication it requires to eventually lead you to become consistently good. The rewards are something no one can ever take away from you regardless of economic factors. This is a business that is recession proof, I mean how amazing is that!?

Never give on on this dream to be successful as a trader, it is possible but you have to skip the BS you keep telling yourself and get to work, that's the truth!

Magic Trader!

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Unknown member
Aug 31, 2018

Amazing words You have written very well

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