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We have been taught the wrong way to learn!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand more about life and one thing that has become very clear is that I really don’t know that much! It sounds funny but it’s true. What I used to believe a few years ago have changed and I am sure what I think now will change in a couple years. One thing I do know is that I will never stop learning because the more I learn the more I realize what I didn't know and realizing that is very humbling. One thing that I have learned throughout the years is about the importance in valuing the right things in life. I admit I use to value the wrong things years ago. I wanted the expensive cars, the mansions, the designer clothes and expensive trips around the world and all the things we are told would make us happy once we achieve them. I’ve purchased an expensive car and yeah it felt great driving it around for a while until I needed to bring it into the shop to get fixed and then realized what a scam I was failing into. I then started to focus my attention on the right things in life. I started to read more books around the quality of life and of one’s character. As I read this material I started to realize how my perception of things was way off and how I was just falling into the traps that were placed in society for a very specific reason.

I have committed myself to learning more about these traps within society so that I may be able to share my thoughts with you through these journal entries. One thing that is slowly becoming clear with me is that there has been a purposeful push to create a society that is lacking in proper manners, etiquette and morals. People are being taught to idolize the

wrong people/things. We have been deliberately set on the wrong path in life so that we will never achieve real success in anything. The purpose behind all this is to create a society of obedient, tax paying individuals that have just enough skills to be able to work for the corporations and make enough money to buy food and shelter and a few extra bucks for entertainment. All this brought on by the education we received in school. Unless, that is, you have been given the privilege of having a private school education and even with this advantage you can easily drift off the right path in your life.

I for one, have not been blessed with such an education but that doesn't mean if you haven’t been given such a beginning that you can’t start now. So why do I mention this? I mention it because I have come to realize that how we've been trained in school is how we apply ourselves instinctively to trading and doing so will lead to negative results. It is why the vast majority of traders lose their money. Throughout the coming months, as I educate myself more on these topics, I will share with you my views and it is with the intention of being able to apply what I learn towards how I teach trading to you and all the other students here. I really look forward to this journey of discovering new things and sharing them.

Kevin Araujo



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