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🤔Understanding is Vital To Your Success!

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We begin another level one class tomorrow morning. We’ve come a long way over the years examining the chart of many major currency pairs and cross pairs. We’ve learned so much along the way. What we've learned has influenced our trading on a grand scale and continues to do so.

The way I look at it trading is a never ending journey of discovering the truths of the markets so that you can take those truths and build upon your understanding of how the markets move and why they move the way they do. We’ve come to learn that the markets are moved by the largest banking institutions in the world. We’ve discovered that the major banks are all owned by the same group of super wealthy families which also own all the major corporations that exist.

The truth of the matter is that the financial markets are a way for the super wealthy to acquire a monopoly on everything that can influence our lives.

We recognize that in order for price to move along the charts massive positions must be accumulated and used to create momentum which eventually pushes price in a certain direction. In order to facilitate these massive positions the banks need the opposite side f the trades to be filled. Since the major banks are all working together they would much prefer to have retail traders like you and me be on the other end of those trades and so to facilitate that they must lure us into making the decisions they want us to make while at the same time creating the illusion that we are arriving at those decisions completely on our own.

The whole system if incredible and is not something your average person would ever come to realize but with the help of today’s internet technology and a lot of research these conclusions have been verified true and accurate. The truth is your average person doesn’t stand a chance of making it successfully for any sustained amount of time on the financial world. They may buy Amazon stock because they like the company and it may go up and they may make a profit but over time they are destined to lose their money because the more they make, the more involved in the financial news, analysis world they will become and the more involved they become the higher the odds of them losing their money.

This is why understanding the market is crucial to knowing how to take advantage of it and build a portfolio over the years. It requires work but the knowledge can never be taken from you and it will continue to build the more effort you put into it. One piece of the puzzle will always allow you to see the bigger picture when the pieces are put together. Understanding of one concept leads to understanding of other concepts not yet known.

With that said, I’ll see everyone that can make it on Monday for our first session of our new class!

Kevin Araujo



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