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🔮$TSLA What a Prediction!🔮


You to can have the FORMULA to be able to trade any market. Check out the link below. . Using the Sherlock Analysis System we were able for predict this move on $TSLA. Our tweets shown below will give you an idea of the accuracy of the predictions.

When we investigated this market, we saw how price responded perfectly to institutional demand we located in 2020 when price was at $72. Price is now at $1038 or there about.

We saw the high possibility of price moving higher from the 880's once Institutional Supply was removed. Supply that was accurately located based on our concepts and principles. Our Sherlock Analysis Process was used to determine how price would move when this key supply was removed and therefore produce the trade signal.

As we predicted, the supply zone was removed and we saw the rally up to the 1k. Some zones play a very specific role based on where and how they are formed. Our Sherlock Analysis Process helps us to clearly understand the market dynamics in play and predict the moves.

Have a look at our free Stock Market analysis session in the clip below and be amazed. You will see how critical it is to understand and learn this system to be able to analyze and forecast accurately to produce winning trade signals.

Feel free to check us out TODAY at

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28 Eki 2021

Hello Kevin; In one video you also pointed out that Microsoft was leading the pack, and it has also picked momentum, but you forgot to add it to your follow list :)

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