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TradingView - Incredible and Accurate Supply and Demand Tool.


Do you want the FORMULA on how to be able to predict the market every time? Incredible and accurate analysis for consistent positive results should be one of your trading goals. Using what we use will bring you at least a step closer towards achieving this goal. For me it has given far more than I imagined. I have spent over 40,000 hours studying the markets, analyzing, investigating and profiting. One of the ways in which all those countless hours felt so enjoyable was because I made use of the TradingView ( charting platform.

  • Magnet

Our unique way of locating institutional supply and demand zones, trend lines and trade signals makes us the top supply and demand trading school in the world.


Every zone and trend line we draw is accurate to the pip and there is no room for error. One of the features on TradingView that helps us with this is the magnet feature.

  • Replay

We take pride in developing our skills every single day so as to understand all the different market dynamics. Using the replay feature, we frequently do historical analysis from the beginning of time and proper candle formations using the most accurate feeds that the platform has to offer. Our students are encouraged at least twice weekly in our live sessions to prepare and present their analysis. Our most advanced students perform analysis on multiple time frames to make the most accurate trading decisions in the world.

  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis

As mentioned above, our advanced students must be able to do multiple time frame analysis to make the most accurate trading decisions. We not only perform analysis on one symbol but across multiple symbols. The flexibility of TradingView allows us to seamlessly switch between symbols to perform such complex and thorough analysis.


Our deep and accurate method of supply and demand trading is unlike any in the world and so we require the best available tools. The features mentioned above are just a few of what we utilize. The TradingView platform has thus far proven to be the reliable and effective tool we need. Combined with our investigative mind and our market knowledge, no wonder we can predict the moves in the market every single time.

Do you use this platform and the features mentioned above?

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