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Time to start a new class on September 2nd for Level 1!

With autumn just around the corner it is time to start wearing warmer clothes, get cuddled up inside with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and start working on building some of our analysis skills. In Level 1 we have been working through the daily chart of the $AUDUSD. We have made it from 1992 through to 2004. A lot of lessons have been learned during the process of reviewing the charts, finding the zones and trend lines and watching how price moves through one timeframe of price. Some of the key lessons we learned were which trend lines are most important to focus on, how there are just a handful of zones that play a really important role during a short period of time, how and when to cut off zones so they don’t extended forever, little tricks on how to setup TradingView to suit our purposes perfectly and so many other little gems. Most importantly is the experienced we gained from doing the homework together and reviewing each and piece of analysis we did. We discovered the why we drew zones the way we did, discovered how our mind plays a significant role in sabotaging our analysis and the reasons why. We also learned how we can avoid these issues. As we have discussed many times the mind is extremely powerful and we must know its capabilities both good and bad.

What I really took away from these last 2 months of sessions was how quickly many of the students are picking up on how we should be doing the analysis. Many of you are showing great talent and your skills are being created right before my eyes. I am extremely proud of your accomplishments so far and I truly wish you all that have not yet participated in the sessions the same success. You are starting to see the real story behind price, you are starting to see how relevant each and every candle is and how just 1 pip can make the difference in our zones. We will begin a brand new class on Monday September 2nd and the new sessions will begin at 4pm EST. It is with the hopes that those that couldn’t make the Tuesday 8am EST sessions will be able to make these. You can register for the classes now here:

Hope to see you in class and look forward to learning many new things with you!

Kevin Araujo



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