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Thinking From The End, Not of The End

I will show you how to unlock and predict the markets by using our powerful process. Today most people just don't think and instead react. This attitude is seen in various aspects of people's lives including trading. I see countless traders, mostly new and some older ones reacting to the market instead of properly thinking. This way of trading only amounts to huge and consistent losses where lessons are not learned and so there is the lack of growth and development.

This negative outcome can be easily circumvented by thinking from the end and not of the end. Therefore you need to see price at the end and let the end be the beginning. To do this we have developed the Sherlock Analysis Process that was mentioned in our previous post here. ( We do top down analysis as well as bottom up analysis. The market dynamics dictate which one we do. Other key factors also include the force or price and the weight of price. These are all covered in our more advanced classes. However, it is impossible to know the above if our basic analysis is incorrect. By basic, I mean the concepts and principles we learn in level one and level two.

For example our trend lines are critical. You may argue that you also draw trend lines and I will agree with you. On the other hand, when we draw a trend line it tells us more than you can imagine since it also determines if we do a top-down or bottom-up analysis on our multiple time frames. The same process applies to our demand and supply zones concepts and principles. Consider for a moment the analysis shown in the picture below that was done since the 16th July 2021 and which ultimately led to our target being hit within twelve (12) weeks. This was done because we were thinking from the end and not of the end.

Now based on our Sherlock Analysis Process, observe carefully how price moved the past weeks as shown in the picture below.

Essentially, by analyzing the markets and knowing where we expected price to go based on our understanding, we knew exactly what needed to play out on the charts for our targets to be realized. What trends needed to be formed and broken and which zones needed to be formed and removed.

Let us show you how to think from the end and not of the end. Feel free to check us out at


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