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The Sherlock Sessions!

Did you know the White Oak Trading University has a secret club that puts on secret sessions? It’s true, the Sherlock Sessions is something we began many months ago and the members of these sessions were provided with a private invitation to join. It’s no secret that private schools have clubs and their leaders put together lists of highly intellectual achievers from each year of school. They then reach out to these students with private invitations to join and become a member. We have done something similar with the Sherlock Sessions.

Members of the Sherlock Sessions have been invited because of having established their commitment to learning and acquiring the skills necessary to perform Sherlock Analysis with a certain level of proficiency. These members have become a valued asset to our school. We are on the lookout for the next potential members to extend private invitations to.

What is it that we do in the Sherlock Sessions? We examine the current markets in a very detailed way. Breaking down the analysis submitted in the observation jo

urnals. We work together using all of our combined skills to determine the legitimacy of each trend line and supply/demand zone. Locating any potential mistakes and verifying the accuracy of the analysis. The main reason for these sessions is in preparation for what we are about to launch for Level 3. We are about to launch Level 3 classes which will focus on using the Sherlock system to locate trading opportunities. In the process of learning the Sherlock System and discovering its many intricacies, you’ll be able to put together your own

trading system. You can keep your system simple or you can make it more challenging. Whether you’re a longer term, swing or day trader, you will be able to take aspects of the Sherlock System and build your own version that suits your personality and trading style.

I would encourage you to put forth a strong effort in your homework as we will be opening the doors to the club soon and would love to invite you to join the other very skilled traders on the inside.

Kevin Araujo



Sounds good . Would be a privilege and a honour sir to be included if i reach the required level . cheers


Very interesting Watson. Very interesting.


Lol... A society within a society.

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