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The power of the Sherlock System!

We are experiencing some great moves in the markets this week and once again our analysis is being proven dead on. How is this possible? Have you ever seen analysis so consistently correct? You should have also noticed by now that these big moves happen in waves. Each wave takes some time to build up towards but when it is ready the move will happen very quickly. The main thing is that it takes patience to wait for these moves to play out but once you get comfortable with your expectations with what should take place in the markets then it’s all about sitting back and letting the markets make their moves. After several years of trading this way I have become very used to the idea of waiting for the moves to take place. I have my forecasts and then I watch to see if the markets move accordingly, if not then I reassess the markets and determine what I am not seeing or what evidence is leading me to suspect certain moves and then I re-evaluate the legitimacy of the evidence. The truth is always there for you it’s just a matter of if you see it or not.

The Sherlock Analysis System is the most powerful market analysis system anywhere and I will always mention this because it holds incredible power and ability that frankly no other system could. Why is this? Because our system is based on the realities of how price moves. This is the beauty of the system. You’ve seen time after time how accurate our forecasts have been and the amazing thing is that anyone can learn this system. Today we finished a class and it was very powerful, we covered a lot of the basics but as I always say, they basics are most important aspect of what we do. Keep working hard on it because in our analysis we will always go back to it!

Kevin Araujo


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