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The markets are like a vast library of wisdom!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The markets are an amazing thing. It is full of incredibly valuable information for those that know how to interpret that information correctly. We like to view the markets like a vast library of books. These books contain much wisdom and depending on your reading and comprehension skills you can extract great wisdom from them or just scrap the surface of the information they want to provide to you. Most traders will flip through these books and examine the pictures and try to match the pictures from those seen before and attempt to make sense of what it is there are seeing but as with most valuable and secretive books and manuscripts it’s pictures are only a small portion of what it wants to convey to you and sometimes the pictures are meant to throw you off the very essence of the information the book has to offer you. Then you must ask yourself, why is it like this?

Books, life and the markets all work in the same manner. They all have important lessons to teach you but as with books, you must know how to read and read in the language the book is written. With life, you must have your mind in such a state that it will be open to the correct interpretation of the information your senses take in every day and with the markets your eyes must see what no others see, your mind must be able to interpret the candles and their movements for what they truly are. Just like in reading and comprehension, these skills are something you will work on the rest of your life. In life, your ability to see things for what they are and to interpret them as positive no matter what is presented to you each and every day is a skill that you must work on till the end of your days. The markets are absolutely no different, you have to work on your skills and abilities to read into the markets, to view this not as a threat but a series of predictable movements that you can use to your benefit to build a strong portfolio.

So ask yourself, is there a course you can take that will make you an expert reader? Is there a course that you can take to make you a happy person in life? Is there a course you can take that can make you a master trader? The answer to these questions is that you can learn to do all of these things if you are given the correct education but the education is only the beginning of your journey, you will then need the guidance of someone who has done the initial work and has learned from it and is continuing on their journey or learning. Learning to master the markets begins with the right education, the tools to enable you to read the markets and interpret their behavior for what it is. Your mind has to be trained to see things in a whole new light and these skills are not easy to attain but the most difficult stage of your journey has been achieved already, you have found the source of the education that empower you for the rest of your trading journey.

Kevin Araujo

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John Chan
John Chan
30 juil. 2019

Thanks Kevin for your enlightening view of learning and applying them to one's life!

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