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The LOVE of learning!

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE LEARNING new things. If you took learning away from me I would feel empty inside in terms of growth. The interesting thing is that my love of learning was not fostered in school but was born out of the feeling that what I learned in school was extremely basic and not nearly enough to satisfy my hunger for wanting to know more! I began to love learning when I started learning about things I was interested in, because we all know being forced to learn something of no interest to us in the dullest experience we can have and we’ve all done it!

I never stop engaging myself in learning. Each and every day I immerse myself in knowledge in whatever form I fancy that day. Sometimes I will read a book or watch a documentary, read an article, listen to a podcast or audiobook, read research papers or just watch a bunch of YouTube videos on a subject. What am I searching for? I am creating a knowledge base of information that I can use to establish truths for myself. I am not looking for any one truth written by any one person because I have learned that we cannot truly know anything if we approach learning like this. I work on building my understanding of many things so when I live my life and encounter situations my brain will automatically compare my understanding and knowledge to it. What I have learned from this process is the incredible ability your mind has to put pieces of puzzles together to present a version of reality that is more truthful than anything you could receive from an outside source.

As I’ve always said, this method has served me very well and continues to do so during these crazy times. I think I could say without doubt that I have grown so much during these lock downs as my mind has forced me to investigate and read many things in order to grow my knowledge base of what I know to be true. Putting the data pieces together and matching what works and what doesn’t is the trick y part but once you get the hang of knowing how to separate nonsense with quality information you quickly discover many incredible things!

Kevin Araujo


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