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The Great Books of the Western World!

Recently I acquired a first edition set of the Great Books of the Western World. They are the complete 54 volume set of books that were first released back in 1952. The set contains works from some of the greatest minds who have ever lived in the western hemisphere. Ever since I first read about these books I have always wanted to get my hands on a copy to add to my home library. These writings have always been considered to be the very foundation of a liberal education and many have taken on the enormous task of reading through the whole set within their lifetime. I say an enormous task because these works are not easy reads; they force you to dig deep into your mind and THINK about what is being said.

Reading is such an important part of living and most of us have dropped our books and resorted to reading from screens. Recently I have made the shift back to reading from books and newspapers as well. I missed newspapers; I missed holding them in my hand and flipping through the pages. I spent a lot of time reviewing different newspaper to subscribe to because I wanted to ensure that the source I will turn to for news and opinion was credible and in line with my values. After much research I have recently decided to subscribe to the Epoch Times. Since subscribing, I have been very delightfully surprised with the incredible quality of the paper content and value it offers to my life. I have since found out that they are published in 36 countries.

As I wait for my set of books to arrive with much anticipation, I think about what book I will start to read and how I will slowly introduce this reading to my children and at what age I will do so. I think about how I will use what I learn to benefit others because at the end of the day isn’t that what we are here for!?

Kevin Araujo



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