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The graduated education at White Oak Trading University

Over the last month we have experienced an incredible rush of new students joining our school and one thing I can see happening is that many of them seem to be in a rush to graduate to level 2 of education. In fact there was a student who watched some of the video lessons in level 1 and then told me they were ready for level 2 within the first week of joining the school. One thing I have to make clear for you is that this is not a race. There should not be any feeling of needing to progress to level 2 without you first “knowing” that you are completely ready. When I say “knowing”, what I mean is that you've put the work into your studying and your charts. You've asked questions, participated in the class and have had a chance to truly digest the material and feel very comfortable with your knowledge. Then and only then should you start to feel like you know the material.

We have a student here at the school that I am very proud of. He is in level 1 and he has told me that he is taking his studies slowly. He recently emailed me and showed me a picture of the new notebooks he bought along with a pic of some notes he had taken in his journal regarding one of the lesson we had done. We I saw this I knew that this gentleman knows what it takes to succeed and it is highly likely he will succeed in this business. What it takes at the end of the day, is knowing what you are getting into. This is a long road and you must be ready for the long drive. If you rush your studies too quickly, you’ll end up at the end of the road without the skills needed to turn the lessons provided to you into anything that can make you a consistently profitable trader! I can’t stress enough how important taking this slow is.

Kevin Araujo


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