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The future of White Oak Trading University!

I want to take this time to welcome all the new students/members of White Oak Trading University. We are very glad you have decided to take your trading journey alongside us. We have been working hard to provide you with lessons, analysis, classroom sessions and overall guidance in the markets and we have been extremely proud of the successes and progress that many of our students have been making. We have been planning behind the scenes on way to add more value to you and will be releasing more information in the coming months.

Our vision for the school is to build the worlds only database of institutional supply and demand from the institutions on each of the major and cross pairs. The purpose of this database is to use the information we gather to extract incredible amounts of information that we will use in our analysis of the current markets. This is the foundation of this school, it is what has led to the establishment of the concepts and principles we teach here at the school. Moving forward, we will continue to fine tune our lessons and understanding of market dynamics in order to solidify our place in the world of financial market education. We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made so far since we began our school on March 27th 2018. We’ve only been officially a school for a year and seven months yet the incredible response we’ve received from many of you has been tremendous. Our schools portfolio is doing incredibly well with 2019 results so far being +40% with only a drawdown of 9% and this is considering how conservative we’ve been with our trading and we’ve missed many opportunities having been busy with other school responsibilities.

Our main focus will be to continue providing first class analysis, lessons and attention to you our devoted students as we progress further in our quest to acquire knowledge, understanding and wisdom! Thanks everyone for your belief in what we do and what we teach. Many of you are seeing the results for yourself and I would encourage anyone who has not taken that first step to make your move and if you don’t know where to start and you just need some general guidance, reach out to us! ;)

Kevin Araujo

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Thanks Kevin.

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