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The charts provide all your answers!

This past Thursday we had a classroom session for level 2 students and one thing that we were discussing is how the charts provide all the answers for us if we only ask the right questions. The problem is that we have been secretively taught to not ask questions, to not question authority and to not think for ourselves. In trading, this way of thinking will not lead to great success because the markets will only provide to those that empower themselves to ask the right questions, to expect for things to make sense and when they don’t, to ask the right questions and have the markets provide us with the answers. This is a skill we must work on and nurture because it is something you will have for the rest of your lives, should you choose to give it power and feed it every day.

Asking the right questions is the hard part because when you don’t know what to expect from the markets, how can you ask questions!? When you don’t know that you can ask questions, how can you ask questions!? In level 1 of your studies, you are introduced to the very core foundation of our approach to the markets. You learn what to look for and how to do the analysis on the charts. This is the very first stage of your mind being trained on the questions that will eventually come on your journey. When you graduate from level 1 with a good understanding of the markets and your skill level is deemed sufficient enough to progress to level 2, what you will then learn is how you have the power to find important answers to the secrets of the markets all by asking the right questions and knowing where to look for the answers. The power is all yours, question is will you open the door to the secrets that ay behind them or will you continue to keep that door close of even worse, continue trading without the knowledge that the door exists. The incredible power of your mind, combined with the mysterious wonder of the markets are something to be explored and nourished because it is within combining these two forces that your understanding of the markets will flourish.

What do you choose for your future? Will you embrace the power within you?

Kevin Araujo


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