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Success in anything is about preparation!

With the colder weather slowly approaching I like to get into the forest and cut some wood. During the summer it’s very hot out and it makes it uncomfortable to get deep into the forest and get any real lasting work done, I mean, I’ve seen many people do it but it’s just not my cup of tea. If I’m going to put some hours of hard work into something I’d prefer to do it under circumstances that are comfortable for me. September and October are the perfect months do get my chainsaw, axe and protection and head into the forest and start clearing some of the trees that have fallen on the path that has been carved through the trees. It is time consuming work and a lot has to be done to chop up enough wood for one days’ worth of fire let alone a whole seasons. Regardless of the amount of work, I’ve always enjoyed the process, being outdoors among the tress in the forest, the wildlife surrounding me and the absolute peace and quiet. There is nothing like it and I get to enjoy beautiful fires when the winds start to get chilly and the air becomes crisp. Lighting up the fireplace is something that I absolutely love to do and the moment the airs feels chilly in the house, I start burning wood right away. There is just nothing that compares to the ambiance of a crackling fire, with the aromas of smoky wood sifting through the house and I always make sure I have enough wood to last me throughout the season.

Now while I am enjoying my fireplace and the endless evenings of reading on my chair right next to the hot flames burning, there are many out there that haven’t prepared, they haven’t taken the time to cut their wood, many say they don’t enjoy the process of wood cutting, many rely on suppliers to provide them with their wood. So as I am enjoying my fire, they worry about having enough wood and whether the wood is dry enough to burn. I took it upon myself to call some suppliers up in the area where I live and what I found was that no one was selling dry wood. Everything that was available was fresh wood, not good for burning when the temperatures drop. I knew I was calling way too late for any decent wood but I just wanted to see what they had. My firewood shed has been stocked since June of this year. The wood I’ve been cutting lately is in preparation for next year. That way when next year comes along, I’ll be stocked with super dry wood ready for burning. I’ve got no worries, I won’t be scrambling last minute to make things work by relying on others for what they have available, I put in the time and hard work now when it isn’t absolutely required to do so, so that later I can relax in peace knowing I can enjoy the fruits of my labour!

Kevin Araujo


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