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Sherlock forecasts for June 2020

The month of June is starting off very well. We have some good volatility in play right now. With that I wanted to share with you some forecasts provided by our SHERLOCK FORECASTING SYSTEM which we teach here at the school.

On May 19th we posted a forecast on the #AUDUSD on our TWITTER account @WhiteOakFX and we forecasted a move from 0.6562 to the 0.6750's.

Then on May 28th 2020 we posted an update on our TWITTER feed pointing out that #AUDUSD rallied UP FROM 0.6562 to 0.6663 and we wrote "MORE TO COME"

And finally, on June 1rst 2020 we posted the result of the Sherlock forecast on the #AUDUSD with a move to the 0.6774's. That's a total move from 0.6562 to 0.6774.



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