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Sherlock forecasts for July 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Every month we post the incredible forecasts we made using the SHERLOCK Forecasting System. The Sherlock system is something we teach here at the school and is considered the MOST ADVANCED MARKET FORECASTING system in the world!

Some of the forecasts that were made were shared on our social media platforms such as Twitter and many were posted within our school forum where we have our Observation Journals.

On July 14th 2020 we posted about the #EURUSD and that the Sherlock system had suggested that if the 1.1412's were removed that we could expect more upside.

Price did indeed rally from the 1.13's to a high of 1.1900!

#EURUSD rally from 1.13's to 1.19's


#AUDUSD - Let's not forget what Sherlock was mentioning back in March 2020 as MASSIVE institutional demand was coming into play and a in momentum to the upside was about to take place. Price at the time of the post was 0.5993 and it made highs of 0.7230

Here's that MASSIVE MOVE on the #AUDUSD 59's to 72's!


The #NZDUSD was at 0.6097 when Sherlock forecasted a move the the 64's!

Here's that move upwards on the #NZDUSD as forecasted!


#USDCAD - Then we have the forecast of the #USDCAD dropping from 1.3904 down to the 1.34's!



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