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New insights will change what we know to be true!

This week I had a huge revelation when studying the charts. Actually it has been a long time in the making but it just dawned on me why the rules for drawing in secondary zones which break trend lines needs to be adjusted. This past week we did a Sherlock Session with some of the students and during this session I wanted to discuss the secondary zones we’ve been drawing on the charts and get into the details of what I thought were good zones and bad zones. During the session as I was speaking out loud about what I felt was wrong with the current rules and then it dawned on me WHY the rules would need to be changed.

Many times things to make sense until you actually talk about it out loud and this is exactly what took place. Now with anything, you can’t just rely on your gut because your gut will lead you in the right direction ALWAYS but you also need to verify what you believe to be true by applying it to many circumstances and seeing the results.

So I just want to make you aware of this and that I will be doing some extensive chart analysis to extract the some information to determine the validity of what I am beginning to discover and understand about the markets. This one simple change in the rules will allow us to see a lot more of what the charts are trying to tell us. I am super excited about the revelation and I look forward to discussing it with you in future sessions.

Kevin Araujo



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