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Must rely on ourselves!

Just finished our SUMMER class this week and we will begin a new class in September. If you are a new student you have time to review the video lessons and get ready to register for the new class when I send out the links. We covered a lot in this past class and I’ve seen big improvements from many of the students, GREAT JOB!

This summer has been a real difficult one for many of us and I want to continue to encourage you to not give up on your studies. Now more than ever I believe our trading abilities will become ESSENTIAL skills we will NEED to have to continue to provide financial stability for our families. We have seen tremendous growth in the school over the last few months as people are starting to recognize the importance of learning these skills and acquiring skills that will be essential to your profitability and success. We can’t rely on institutions to manage our money for us because you know where that will lead to.

We have students trading many different strategies here at the school but they are here to add on to their abilities with the concepts and principles we teach. There is no doubt that what we are learning together is remarkable and unlike anything else you can find out there. Our work is taking us to new levels of understanding NEVER reached before. The future of trading, as I’ve always said, will be managing money on behalf of others who don’t possess the skills to do it for themselves and this market is starting to grow at a rapid pace since the start of lockdowns and the turmoil throughout the world.

We WILL be OK, there are higher powers at work that will make things OK for us BUT we have to not be complacent and expect everything to be done for us, we must adapt with the times to ensure a stable future for ourselves and our loved ones! GOD BLESS!

Kevin Araujo


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