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🚨Moderna ALERT made 1,800% Return🏆

One of the most important elements you need to make consistent profits in the market is an "EDGE". Once you have found your "EDGE", use it to minimize your risk and maximize your profits.

The past weeks we highlighted how we used the Sherlock Analysis Process to maximize our profits in both the currency and options market. As we focus our attention on the options market, you would recall our early signal to go long on $MRNA.

Using our Sherlock System we were able to purchase a Call Option for $2 that moved to a high of $40 thereby yielding about a 2,000% return.

Now price has broken the 4h descending trend line and is expected to continue higher past our strike price of $350 to contact daily supply at $377. Once it does that, our profits will be even greater and in the money.


Most traders would not have bought that call option "MRNA Jan 21'22 350 CALL", because it was 'out of the money' at $224, meaning that, most traders were not expecting price to go up. How did we know? Using our Sherlock Analysis Process, "EDGE", we were able to accurately identify the institutional supply and demand zones, trend and trend lines. The signal to get into long positions was clear once we saw what was happening on the higher time frames. Price eventually moved as we expected to give massive profits based on our risk.

Feel free to join and follow us at to learn and grow.


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