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March 8th 2021 - Institutional 🏦 Positions & Supply/Demand for Gold, Oil and the FOREX market

📊 In the Markets: Another BIG WEEK we had in the markets this past week. We saw as the #Dollar rallied upwards which is what we were pointing out and mentioned was likely to take place. This rally was yet another example of how price will always move in the direction the bankers are planning to take it. We looked at the chart and new with a high degree of certainty that price was going to rally. Why was this? Because institutional demand was in play so this is how price should have moved. So the bankers were taking price upwards and as we’ve always pointed out the data that is released usually favors the movements the bankers require. For example, we knew price should rally and so it did early on in the week and after the bankers move price the majority of the way what took place? We had Nonfarm Payrolls released and what do you think the results were? POSITIVE, yes that’s right, in order the help push price the higher.

Now at first you might think that this is a coincidence until you start paying close attention to these data releases and notice when they are coming into play on the chart and when you do this; you’ll begin to see how well calculated these results can be and well-timed they are with consideration to the charts dynamics.

As for GOLD we saw massive profit taking on long positions and price declining from it. #GOLD will make a good long lower in the charts and we will be waiting for the chart signal to let us know when.

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