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Level Three is here!

Starting in June we are going to launch our Level 3 class for the very first time. Our Sherlock Session members have had a glimpse of what we will be learning in level three and they can’t get enough! Those that have completed a minimum of TWO full level 2 classes and have been able to display a very good understanding of the concepts taught and their chart analysis skills are up to par, they will graduate to level three and be able to participate in the


What will be the focus of LEVEL 3?

In level 3, your focus will be to combine the Sherlock Analysis Process with your NEW understanding of Market structures, forces, trends and so forth and build upon that knowledge with studying Market Dynamics. What is Market Dynamics? It is looking at all the timeframes you need to review and knowing with a certain level of probability what will take place on each of those timeframes over time. The is the forecasting element of SHERLOCK and once you can understand this, the next stage is locating exact zones that price will reverse from and move away so that you can take trades from those zones and profit, consistently. Is this EASY? Heck no, but if you came here for something easy, you came to the wrong place! Does this process produce RESULTS? YES and you’ve seen them with the analysis and trades I’ve done using the SHERLOCK SYSTEM!

BUCKLE UP and get ready for a wild ride! Level Three will push you to the edge of your capabilities. Your mind will be tested to it’s very limit but if you can hang on long enough, you just might make it to the other side! THEY SAY NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE, I WOULD ARGUE SOME OF THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO ACHIEVING SOMETHING, NOTHING COMES FOR FREE AND LEVEL THREE IS NO DIFFERENT. IT WILL TAKE HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT - OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE LEVEL THREE!

Kevin Araujo



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