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🤫Knowing the Truth behind the Markets!

It’s been an incredible ride these last few weeks. We recently dove into the world of Options trading and our results so far have been incredible. We’ve spoken about options trading to some degree and we will continue to speak about them in the future. One thing I want to point out is the importance of trading the right companies. We don’t want to trade just any company and just any time. We want to ensure that when we get into a position it will be fueled by many things. We want to know that the BIG PLAYERS are on our side when we trade and we also want to know that the timing of our entry is just right so that any media or news of any sort will help fuel a move in our direction instead of against.

So how do we ensure this? The first thing we must do is understand the nature of the markets, why they exist, what their purpose is and who is behind the working of it. The markets DO NOT move randomly as many people might have you think. There is reason behind the so called madness and we have been working throughout the years to show you just how predictable the markets really are but the first thing you must accept is that the markets are controlled and they are controlled for two main purposes, in order to control the businesses of the world and in order to take investors/traders money from their trading accounts.

Once you understand this you are on your way to fully understanding how we can use this knowledge to our benefit to profit from the markets consistently.

Moving forward we will be examining what it takes to profit from the Stock Market as we have been these last few weeks. We will delve deeper into the analysis of companies, the news and how to spot trade opportunities that work like Magic!

We have had so much success and we will continue to do so as we take on this new challenge together.

Kevin Araujo

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1 Comment

One of the most exciting updates of White Oak so far! Glad to be a part of it all!

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