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🚨Insider Trading - PAYPAL CEO buying - What you need to know!

There is insider trading going on here and it's with the CEO of PayPal. We located the spot where he was selling 10k shares BEFORE the major drop in price and now we spot him starting to BUY up shares (7.9k).

What can we tell you about this?

After doing some extensive analysis of the charts and applying the Sherlock Analysis process, we concluded that we expect price to continue dropping until the $100 area where we believe we'll see the Institutional money come in and start buying this one up.

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The question does come to mind of why he would wait so long to sell. The price is down over 80% of the advance that started March 2020 and ended at the July 2021 all time high which was a 3.78 x the low of that advance. Pretty incredible.

CORRECTION - I just looked at all his trades shown on and he sold shares for the whole ride to the top. 420,000 in total since Feb 2020. The purchase at $124.57 was his very first buy. Very interesting.

On another note, after looking at the daily chart of PayPal I noticed something about gaps. A common trading methodology is to trade gaps because "the books" teach you that gaps…

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