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"I take a lot of pride being a student at White Oak University"


Hello Magic Trader,

I was pretty happy and excited to see my home work mentioned,i was online audio mode as i watch you going over my homework.

though my work was the worst i ever did,couldn't find those trends and zone perfectly but it literally given me extra energy and

Motivation to put in the work required to becoming a pro even if that entails sleepless nights "burning midnight oil" going over charts and all

that,I am open to the fact that it Trading takes time,Patience,mind and eye need training and lots of screen time till it become a second nature.

I take a lot of pride being a student at White oak University, I am Convinced that i am at a right place more than 120%,with a great Professor,Mentor

and Professional,Forex Powerhouse,our great leader to Magic Trader,,,So proud of you

Stay Strong and Live long brother Kevin

Best Regards.



WOW thank you for this email.

Yes it does take a lot of screen time and eventually it will slowly come to you. Thanks for your confidence, I will continue to work tirelessly towards being the very best I can be for you and everyone at the school.


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Magic is the greatest!

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