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👨‍💻How to Become an Elite Trader!👩‍💻

Would you like to become an Elite Trader?

As we continue our live, interactive classroom sessions, its incredible to see how precise our analysis has been. How were we able to achieve this?

Researchers have studied high performers in areas such as sports, academia and music in order to determine what gets them to that elite level.

It's called deliberate practice.

This type of practice is about practising right at the edge of your capability. You work on the pieces of the puzzle, concepts and principles that are slightly beyond your capability.

Too often we find ourselves picking pieces that are too challenging and this causes frustration. On the flip side, too easy and we don't grow and improve. We need to find the sweet spot.

We make mistakes and they must bring improvement by understanding the mistakes. This is necessary to achieve any goal as every goal should push you to learn new and amazing things, ideas, concepts, principles.

At our classroom sessions are designed for deliberate practice at every level and throughout your trading career. The student grows at the correct rate and so vast improvement is seen. Whatever needs to be improved is identified and the student is taught to come up with the solutions. In our Level One session this week we saw how critical it is to be able to know when to draw lower time frame zones that remove higher time frame zones. This knowledge and wisdom is not achieved overnight but is effectively planted in our knowledge base through constant and deliberate practice.

Become an Elite Trader TODAY! Simply click the link below to start your success journey.


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