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How to be 🗝 Old 💰 Money!

Are you Old Money? Do you know what that even is? Well let’s talk about it. The term “Old Money” refers to individuals whose families have enjoyed wealth and privilege for three generations or more.

Families that are considered Old money have lived a certain way and have raised their children a certain way which tends to preserve the wealth so that it can be passed on to future generations.

Anyone who wishes to enjoy financial freedom, wealth and happiness in their lives should study this way of life and take on it’s principles.

To be Old Money requires money but enjoying and benefiting from the values and way of life of old Money requires none of it but will result in the accumulation of it.

A cornerstone of Old Money thinking is to prioritize personal reality with public perception. Old Money is more concerned with the way things are with their situation than the way is appears to others.

Old Money has a strong identity and is rooted in self, work, and family and not in material possessions, social status or fame. Contributing to society through hard work, discipline, discretion and charity are much more important than public opinion or approval. Being inner directed and seeking approval from oneself rather than others leads to greater fulfillment. Judging others is not needed and proclaiming one’s accomplishments is in poor taste.

Old Money does not do anything illegal and if it is legal could not if it were not ethical. Old Money holds itself to a higher standard.

Old Money does what is best for the long term, not what might be pleasant or immediately expedient.

The Philosophy of Old Money is to enjoy life to the fullest and to learn and grow as a person. Work hard and excel in a profession you enjoy and you are passionate about. To preserve ones financial resources while building new skills to build your wealth. Exploring one’s world to better understand it and to prepare ones children for a productive, healthy and rewarding life of their own.

Kevin Araujo



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