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How the Institutions work together!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Along my journey of discovering how the markets work, I have come to many conclusions but I think the largest one is the fact that the world’s largest banking institutions all work together to manipulate the markets. How did I discover this? With the help of the #CFTC COT data. At first I couldn’t see it because my eyes and mind with oblivious to the fact they worked together never mind how they could do that. After many hours of sifting through the data and plotting it out on my spreadsheet and then studying the supply/demand they were creating, it slowly started becoming very apparent to me that there was definitely a consorted effort being made to cause retail traders to trade opposite of what they were doing.

Further down my journey I started to also realize how the banks would focus on only a handful of pairs/assets at a time. If they wanted to accumulate a pair they’d start doing that alongside a couple others but their main focus was usually on one or two. Then a few days afterward they would shift their focus on the remaining pairs slowly but surely and I would see how the other pairs moved on direct correlation to the first pair they had been moving. It was as if the first pair they moved would foretell the direction of the others a few days in advance. The more I studying this the more I realized that this was true and I was just seeing things.

This is how the Araujo Report was born. I needed to find a way to track all these moves and keep record of everything price was doing and how it related to the charts and how the other assets would follow suit. The intelligent student would study these reports as there are so many hidden gems waiting for them to discover!

Kevin Araujo


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