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Getting into $Bitcoin!

A couple weeks ago we had a great session where we took a look at the stock markets and we focused on the stocks that came into play in the last year and a half. I got curious about whether there was insider trading taking place in some of the companies I knew would have been effected. So we looked at Walmart, Amazon, J&J, PayPal, Netflix, Tesla and a few others. What we found – if you haven’t seen it yet – will shock you. Just click the video image below to have a watch.

With this being said the discussion progressed into discovering the demand zones that were used to facilitate the massive moves then eventually came. For instance, we took a look at Moderna and looked at what happened with its stock. On February 2020 investors started buying up stock on a mass scale; the prices they got were under $20.

On March 2020 Trumps Operation Warp Speed awarded Moderna with millions of dollars to create a vaccine for Covid. Interesting how all the major buying took place BEFORE Trump even decided to use Moderna for a vaccine.

Investors eventually took Moderna’s stock from $20 to $50 where they decided to take some profits and then come back in to buy massively between $45 and $50 which eventually lead to price reaching $95. Once again serious buying came into effect in the $100 area and price eventually made it to the $500 area.

This all took place within a year and a half.

Now do you think people were informed beforehand that Moderna would be chosen to be a candidate for the Covid vaccine. Obviously and we can see it clearly on the charts using our analysis process. That move was a 2400% increase from the original investment at $20. Not bad for a short time hold.

On that session we did this week we also spoke about $Bitcoin and the amazing forecast we made for buying at 35k. As interest built within the conversation I reached out to a good friend of mine that has invested in $Bitcoin and has done extensive research on it and he has agreed to speak with us recently.

Kevin Araujo


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